About Us

dove22.jpgKailasa = Abode of Peace and Happiness

Mission Statement

Kailasa Housing Co-operative provides affordable, secure, sustainable housing for a safe, harmonious, supportive community. 

Kailasa Housing Co-op was built in 1982 and has 17 units.

Living in a housing co-op is in some ways similar to renting a home; you typically pay a monthly housing charge that is much like paying rent, and you purchase a share in the co-op that is treated much like a security deposit in a rental situation.

In actual fact, when you become a member of a housing co-op you collectively own the company (co-op) that either owns the property you live on or owns the rights to occupy it. You aren’t really renting a home in a housing co-op, rather you’re paying a fee to your co-op to use the service (housing) that it provides.

Read about the co-op principles.

Watch the video to find out what co-op housing is all about.

For more about housing co-ops visit CHFBC.

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    • Thanks for the comment Fiona. We just started this blog and intend to use it for community notices, etc. Please feel free to pass it on to other co-ops and have them contact us if they have any questions.

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